Mindfulness Courses and Coaching to Help You Ease Your Struggles with Tourette Syndrome

Learn to struggle less and relax more, and bring your natural strengths front and center in your life.

It’s like a storm in your body and mind, and that storm can feel overwhelmingly oppressive. And if the twitching itself weren’t enough, there’s typically one or more comorbidities on top of it.

I’m Craig Mollins, a mindfulness teacher and Tourette syndrome coach. I have Tourette’s and can relate with your struggles, and I want to tell you something:

As difficult as the struggles of Tourette syndrome are, they don’t have to be a life sentence. The keys to getting out of the prison exist inside within your body, mind, and heart, and there are many ways to access those keys.
Craig’s coaching encouraged me to tap into, and to trust, my own inner wisdom. I felt like the answers were coming from inside myself, but the guidance he provided to find those answers and practice them in my life was invaluable.
Alex Falconer – Toronto, Canada